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Written by Satyendra Chauhan   
Sunday, 22 November 2009 22:47

Yagya (Homan) and its Scientific Authenticity  

Meaning of Yagya or Yajna.

The meaning of Yagya is symbolic performance of the act of self giving or sacrificing himself to the God aiming the highest good of the universe & mankind, the highest of all worship. Yagya is the combination of three words of Sanskrit which means “Organization” “Divinity” & “Charity” Organisation means the collective efforts, divinity means the self purity and charity means sharing, devotion to society. So the collective meaning and purpose of Yagya is and organized efforts to purify the self and share generously by way of sacrificing in yagya as “Aahuti” and performing charity to the society, that is why scriptures tells that the kings who have been performing Yagya were used to donate everything to the residents of his kingdom.


   In Yagya by collective chanting of specific vedic mantras in specific rhythm the divine power is invoked and worship of the divine power if performed. Yagya is performed collectively right from the initial preparation to sacrificing the ahutis and arati. The whole process is the best example of cooperation.. In Hinduism Yagya is integral part and this is performed in one or other way either fully or symbolically, the example is before starting the worship we lit the incense stick and lightning the holy lamp of Ghee is nothing but symbol of Yagya.  . In actual the Yagya is a system of teaching that “we should donate our resources, wealth, our efforts in the form of serving the society”, this negates developing the tendency of storing them for our selfish motive. Actually in Hinduism the feeling of “this is not mine, every things belongs to God or God’s world” is taught in various ways, and indeed this the source of Happiness. Because when we attach our self with the materialistic things, power, honor etc. then the gives us sadness, grief at the time they are exhausted or perished, while the truth is that all worldly matters are bound to perish / diminish.


PHILANTHROPIC PURPOSE The Society in HINDUISM has the principle that every materialistic resource, money, power, honor etc. are earned with the help of society in one or other way, therefore these resources should be donated back to the society, so that the equality, peace and happiness can be maintained in the society and the resources earned with help of society must be used for the betterment of the society.  


The Meaning, essence & purpose of Yagya in the words of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya (Gayatri Pariwar) 

Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya the founder of Gayatri Pariwar which has researched almost every aspects of YAGYA and has made Yagya a very important & integral part of various ritual for Gayatri Pariwar.


 In the Words of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya:  (From on Article on Yagya form Intenet).......

 Essence Yagya means – virtuous actions inspired by altruist objectives. Vision, courage and sentiment of keeping the least for self-joy and sharing the maximum possible for the welfare of the society as a whole is the core of performing Yagya and adopting its philosophy in human life.Yagya that should be well understood and adopted by all of us could be summarized as – voluntary renunciation of self-centered, possessive and greedy tendencies and adoption of a wider attitude; observance of the sadhana of divine love and altruism. . Yagya Teachings - The teaching of Yagya signifies that true progress and happiness of the individual self lies in that of the society. Yagya is most prominent as also implied in the chanting of “idam na mam”after each ahuti. The havan samagri sacrifised (as ahutis) in yagyagni sublimates and expands in open space energized by the sonic power of the mantras and enshowers multiple benefits in terms of purification of environment, soothing medicinal effects of the herbs and psychological strengthening. Some special ahutis of dry fruits, homemade sweets and/or fresh grains also cause positive effects of vigorous health. Yagya. Sincere endeavors of divine worship, self-refinement andvirtuous development are also glorious Yagyas in human life.Yagya is a spiritual experiment of sacrificing and sublimating the havansamagri in the yagyagni with chanting of vedic mantras. This is only the physical process or ritual of Yagya, which has scientific importance and beneficial effects. This agni-Yagya when performed at small scale is also known as havan, homam or agnihotra. However, the meaning of Yagya is not confined to this sacrificial fire-process. It has much wider and deeper meaning. Linguistically, the word Yagya is derived from the Sanskrit verb yaj, which means – devapujan (worshiping divinity), sangatikaraña (harmonious association) and dana (charity).


 Various Scholars, Scientist & Researches on Yagya           Burning sugar and its smoke has a significant effect in purifying the atmosphere. It kills the germs of T.B., measles, smallpox and cow-pox” – remarks Prof. Tilward.  .

         A Russian Scientist named Dr. Shirowich mentions – “If cow’s ghee is put into the fire, its smoke will lessen the effect of atomic radiation to a great extent”.

          Researchers by scientist in the field of microbiology says that the medicinal fumes emanating from the process of Yagya are bacteriostatic in nature.. 

         Various studies have shown that Yagya creates a pure, nutritional and healing atmosphere and improve the atmosphere.  

.         Yagya reduces and eradicate the bacteria at micro level which is main cause of various deceases and illness. 

          Apart from the positive effects of chanting of various Mantras the burning of pure & ayurvedic objects in Yagya, their inhaling as vapour via fumes increase the immunity systems and keeps you healed from various deceases. 

 . News Paper News on Bhopal (Union Carbide Gas Tragedy)(English Daily – “The Hindu” of 4th May 1985; news item under the heading ‘Vedic Way to Beat Pollution’.). 

The horrible and tragic incident occurred on December 3, 1984 night when the poisonous gas leaked from Union Carbide factory at Bhopal. Hundreds of people died and thousands were hospitalized, but there were two families – those of Shri Sohan Lal S. Khushwaha and Shri M. L. Rathore, living about one mile away from the plant, who came out unscathed. These families were regularly performing agnihotra (havan). In these families nobody died, nobody was even hospitalized despite being present in the area worst affected by the leakage of the toxic gas.  

 . This scientist performs yagna to purify air (Times of India News dated 27 May 2009). 

Turning the religious practice of performing yagna into an environmental-friendly affair, this scientist from Vadodara is attracting attention from across the globe. Bharat Dikshit claims his agnihotra yagna' technique purifies the air instead of polluting it. Dikshit is in the process of devising yagna techniques using branches of different trees that help in air purification rather than polluting the ambience.


Dikshit's yagna also created curiousity among French delegates when they visited Navsari in February this year. He was invited by them to France to participate in the annual international conference at Normandy to share his air purification magic'.

"I gave a lecture explaining agnihotra yagna' and also performed the same in the presence of delegates and speakers who had come at the conference from over ten countries," said Dikshit. He was the only scientist from Gujarat to have been invited to the meet.

Dikshit has also been invited to Greece, Japan and Sri Lanka to perform and share the techniques of agnihotra yagna'. "While I was performing the yagna, around 60 students requested that they wanted to give aahuti'. They were completely fascinated by the process and followed the instructions perfectly," added Dikshit.


 A professor from Ferguson College in Pune had conducted agnihotra yagna' as per the process devised by him in a room. After the yagna, domestic pollutant was measured and it was found that there was 75 per cent reduction in the content of air pollutants present in the room.


"The ingredients used in performing yagna cause pollution. The one I perform aims to either neutralise or destroy the pollutants in the air. After my research, I would have several environmental-friendly combinations techniques of yagna to boast of," Dikshit shared.

(Times of India News dated 27 May 2009)


Uttar Pradesh pollution control Research 

Uttar Pradesh pollution control board conducted experiments during the Ashwamedha Yagna at Gorakhpur, U.P. Set up at about 20 meters east from the Yagnashala. The samples of 100 ml each of water and air collected from the surroundings were analyzed using high volume envirotech APM-45 and other sensitive instruments.. According to their report the Level of Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide was reduced significantly (sulphur Dioxide reduced by 75% & Nitrous Oxide by 11% approx.) after the Yagya and Bacterial count in water was reduced to 1/3 after the Yagya.



Source:  Reports on Experiments of U.P. Pollution Control Board -- Environmental Tech. Consultant. (Akhand Jyoti Sept. 1997), p.22

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